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Property Management Most Commonly Asked Questions
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What is the hardest part of property management?

Attracting and keeping high-quality tenants is often considered the most challenging aspect of property management. Doing it successfully requires dedicated efforts, effective strategies, and a keen understanding of what prospective tenants seek in a rental property.

How do you interview a property management company?

Before you hire a property manager, go through the following screening process:

  • Research Potential Candidates: Start by researching and identifying several property management companies in your area. 
  • Prepare Questions: What types of properties do you manage? Do you handle advertising and marketing of vacant properties? How do you screen and select tenants? Do you provide regular financial reports and updates on my property? What is your liability coverage?
  • Check References: Contact the references provided by the property management company to get feedback from current or past clients.
  • Compare Options: Compare the information you've gathered from multiple property management companies. Consider their fees, services, reputation, and compatibility with your goals.
  • Review the Management Agreement: It's critical to read the property management agreement or contract you receive from your selected company with great attention. Make certain it matches your needs and meets your expectations before moving forward.

Is a property management company worth it?

A good property management company will pay for itself many times over. What you save in time dealing with tenants, avoiding legal battles, and filling vacancies, is well worth the cost.

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